Ather 450X 2021- Review, Price, Mileage, Image & Colors


Ather 450X Quick Review

Ather 450X is an electric scooter. The demand for electric scooters is increasing day by day in India. Because the price of petrol in India is increasing day by day. As a result, many people have a problem getting petrol on the bike. Because a lot of money has to be spent on petrol, that’s why many people are moving behind electric bikes. As a result, many electric bike companies are moving towards launching these electric bikes and scooters. You will get more benefits by buying this bike, such as, since it is an electric scooter, this scooter does not cause noise pollution and air pollution. As a result, our atmosphere is less damaged and protected, which is very good for our future generation.

Almost everyone wants to buy this scooter and include this scooter in their bike collection. If you buy this scooter, then you are a very lucky person. Not just this scooter, any electric bikes and scooters are the dream of many people. This scooter is very comfortable to ride. This scooter has a separate fan base. Many people loved this electric scooter. Many features are used in this scooter for comfort and performance that you can’t imagine.

Ather 450X Details

As beautiful as this bike looks, it has so many features that you will enjoy while driving it in the city or local area. This scooter is very attractive, so if you go out somewhere, everyone is more attracted to this scooter and will be forced to look around. Because first of all, it is an electric scooter, so its looks and design are unique. And this scooter has never been seen before India.

You will not find a fuel gauge on this scooter because it is an electric scooter. This scooter has a 6000 W motor. This scooter takes five hours forty-five minutes to fully charge. You can go up to 116 km once fully charged. This scooter has some modes by which you can increase and decrease this scooter’s range and speed. Despite being an electric scooter, the company claims that you will get 80 KMPH speed in this scooter. You get 85 KMPH in eco modes and 70 KMPH in normal modes. Let’s see what other features are in this scooter for which you will take it.



In this scooter, you will get a digital meter console, in which you will find a speedometer, odometer, clock, Bluetooth connectivity, riding modes, navigation, mobile application, 1.3 GH2 snapdragon processor, etc. In this scooter, you will get passengers’ footrest, 7-inch TFT display. This scooter is a perfect option in terms of price. If you have the budget, then you can take this bike without any hesitation.


The Kerb weight of this scooter is 108 kg. The under-rest storage of this scooter is 22 L.

Engine & Transmission

This scooter uses a 6000 W PMSM motor, which has a max torque of 26 nm. The continuous power of this scooter is 3300 W. The range of this scooter is 116 km/charge. Its battery takes 3 hours 45 minutes to 80 percent charge and 5 hours 45 minutes to fully charge. This scooter uses an automatic transmission. On this bike, you will get self-start only.

Chassis & suspension

The chassis of this bike is an automatic cast. This bike is an electric bike. There are two types of suspensions, the front suspension is telescopic, and the rear is a mono-shock suspension.


Tyres & Brakes

In this bike, you will find alloy wheels. The wheel size of this bike is front 406.4 mm and rear 406.4 mm. In this bike, you will find a tubeless tyre. This bike’s tyre size is front 90/90-12 and rear 90/90-12. This bike uses front and rear disc brakes. The diameter of the front brake is 200 mm, and the rear brake is 190 mm.


The price of this scooter starts from 1 27,916 and goes up to 1 46,926 rupees.

Color Option

Ather 450X, you will get in some different colors, such as mint, black, white. You can choose any of them.


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