BMW G310R In 2022- Reviews, Price, Mileages, Specs, Images & Colors



First of all, the name BMW is enough to say something about BMW cars or bikes. It is a premium company. There are very few people who do not know the BMW Company. BMW G310R is an entry-level bike from BMW. Because BMW makes very high-priced cars and bikes. Besides, BMW G310R, there is another entry-level bike that is the BMW G310S. In BMW G310R, you will get all the LED lights. The headlights of this bike have LED DRLS, which is very nice to see. This car was previously on the market at BS4, but now get this bike in BS6 engine.

BMW is a very famous and reputed Company, and BMW Company’s bike is many people’s dream. Almost everyone wants to buy this bike and include this bike in their bike collection. Not just this bike, any BMW bike is the dream of all people. Since not everyone has the same budget, not everyone can buy a BMW car. So even if not everyone can buy a BMW car, everyone dreams of buying a bike. If you buy this bike, then you are a very lucky person. First of all, any BMW bikes are premium bikes, so it also premium bikes. This bike is very comfortable to ride. There are so many features that are used in this bike for comfort and performance that you can’t imagine.

BMW G310R Mileages:

You will not get split seats on this bike. This bike is very comfortable in terms of ride. In this bike, you will find a digital speedometer. In it, you will find all kinds of normal features, such as speed meter, trip meter, fuel gauge, etc. you will get 30-30.9 KMPL mileage from this bike. This bike was launched in the market to compete with Kawasaki Ninja 390, Apache RR 310.

This bike is very beautiful; you can take this bike if you want. We all know BMW is very well, so if any BMW car pares by everyone is forced to look around whatever the car model. This bike is a very attractive bike at this price. You will have another fun riding this bike. This bike is a very good option in terms of price. If you have the budget, then you can take this bike without any hesitation.

As beautiful as this bike looks, it has so many features that you will enjoy driving it long touring and in the city or local area. This bike is very attractive. So if you go out somewhere with this bike, everyone is more attracted to this bike. This bike is capable of running any road. This is a naked sportbike. And this bike becomes more beautiful since it comes in a BS6 engine because BMW has done a lot of work with this bike. It didn’t work any of these features but did a lot of work on this bike’s sticker, which made the car more beautiful. So let’s see its other features and dimension.


BMW G310R is 2005-2010 mm long and 849 mm wide, and the height is 1080-1227mm. The seat height of this bike is 785 mm. This bike is a very good option in all

Engine Specification:

You will find this engine at BS6; it is a 313 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder DOHC engine. It produces a max power of 34 PS at 9500 RPM and 28 nm torque at 7500 RPM with a 6-speed transmission. The power to weight ratio of the BS6 variant is very good. This bike has become smoother since the engine came in the BS6


On this bike, you will find an adjustable sleeper clutch. Also adjustable front brake. You will find upside-down forks suspension on the front of this bike and get mono sock suspension in the back. You will find all LED indicators in the bike, also LED lights front and back. In this bike, you will get dual-channel ABS. This bike has a disc brake on the front and back. This car uses 240 mm rear disc brakes and 300 mm front disc

Tyre Size:

Alloy wheels have been used in this bike. The tyre size is 110/70-R17.


The price of this bike is 2.50 lakh rupees (ex-showroom).


G 310 R Standard: Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels

₹ 2,50,131

Color Option:

You will get this bike in three different colors. They are polar white, limestone metallic, and cosmic black. You can choose any color.


  • Fit and finish are excellent.
  • Excellent city riding location
  • The brakes are excellent.


  • Vibrations in the engine at higher rpm
  • Maintenance costs are high, and service coverage is limited.


  • The purchase procedure was unpleasant, and BMW would charge you for merely changing a screw. The bike’s performance and dependability are good, but it is not suitable for daily use. You can’t continue to spend 11000 rupees on each service. BMW India’s customer experience and services are woefully lacking. This bike can only be serviced in the showroom. In India, they still don’t have any approved service centres. If you have a large budget and don’t care about customer service, this is a good option; otherwise, the 390 Duke is a better option. Since 2019, I’ve had several issues with this bike, and the service staff has a number of hidden costs on your account, ensuring that you pay more than 10000rs for your servicing.
  • My personal two-and-a-half-year experience, a sophisticated seat, and for lengthy drives once a year service.The pickup is decent, but the battery will stop working after two years, resulting in a higher service cost.
  • The time on the odometer is always incorrect.


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