Ferrari 488 2023- Reviews, Price, Images, Mileages, And Specifications


Ferrari 488 Quick Reviews:

Ferrari is known for supercars, and this car will not be a supercar; it cannot be. It is one of the most famous Ferrari vehicles. Not everyone can buy this car because the price of this car is very high. However, everyone wants to own this car. The logo of this car looks very beautiful. Ferrari 488 car is a coupe car. The ground clearance of any supercar is deficient, so it also has low ground

Ferrari 488 is the very fastest car. This car is available in the petrol engine, and it is available in two types of transmission. You become a millionaire while owning and driving this car. This car is a five-seater car. So five people can ride this car together. You don’t have to think about mileage when you own any supercar because a supercar’s mileage is very low. In this car, you will get a fuel tank capacity of 78 litres. Let’s see what is in this car.

Dimension & Capacity:

Ferrari 488, this is a coupe car. The length of this car is 4568 mm, the width of 1952 mm, and 1213mm. In this car, you will get a boot space of 230 litres. The kerb weight of this car is 1475 kg. The seating capacity of this car is five.

Engine & Transmission:

The engine uses a 3902 cc turbocharged petrol engine with 7-speed automatic transmission. This car has 4-cylinder 4-valve per cylinder engine. It produces a maximum of 659.78 BHP at 8000 RPM and max torque of 760 nm at 3000

This is a petrol engine it is produced of petrol. The fuel tank capacity of Ferrari 488 is 78 litres.

Suspension, Steering, & Brakes:

There are used tiltable and telescopic power steering. There are used only disc brakes for better braking and safety.

Comfort & Convenience:

This car does not have any features that are not given. You will find almost all the features in this car, such as:- 

1) all power steering and windows, 2)air conditioner, 3) automatic climate control, 4) adjustable steering, 5) air quality control, 6) remote trunk opener, 7) an accessory power outlet, 8) front and rear seat headrest, 9) rear armrest, 10) height-adjustable front seat belts, 11) cup holder front and rear, 12) rear AC vents, 13) seat cumber support, 14) cruise control, 15) navigation, 16) keyless entry, 17) engine start-stop button, 18) heater, 19) remote fuel lid opener, 20) an accessory power outlet, 21) rear AC vents, 22) voice control, etc. and many more features.

Exterior and Interior:

The 488’s body has been developed to boost downforce by 50% over the 458 while also lowering aerodynamic drag. A new front double splitter serves two purposes: it increases radiator cooling by driving air into them, and it channels air over the underbody vortex generators to create ground effect without adding unnecessary drag. Without the need for a higher wing, a newly designed rear spoiler (really a slotted flap) built into the rear decklid and bumper boosts downforce. The middle “Aero Pillar” deflects air under the car’s flat body, while two vents in the bonnet let air from the front bumper’s dual intakes to leave, lowering air pressure even more.

Underbody vortex generators work to reduce air pressure beneath the car, resulting in more downforce overall. A larger rear diffuser, controlled by a microprocessor, works to increase the velocity of air exiting the underbody, lowering air pressure even more. Active aerodynamic variable flaps, which reduce drag and increase downforce, are also controlled by the microprocessor. Due to the larger diffuser than the preceding 458, the 488’s dual exhausts must be positioned higher in the rear bumper for clearance.

The scalloped side air intakes are divided by a centre partition, similar to those found on the 308 GTB. Part of the air entering the top intake is directed into the turbocharger compressor intake, while the rest is sent through the back of the car and out alongside the tail lights, raising air pressure behind the car and lowering aerodynamic drag. To cool the intake charge, airflow from the lower intake is directed towards the intercoolers. Even the door handles, dubbed “shark fins,” are fashioned in such a way that they clean and direct air into the massive intakes above the rear wheels, improving airflow

Ferrari 488 Model:

You will find three variants of Ferrari 488. They are 488 GTB 3902 cc automatic, 488 GTB V8 3902 cc manual, 488 & spider 3902 cc

Ferrari 488 Price:

The pricing of a Ferrari 488 starts at 3.68 crores and rises to 4.40 crores. The pricing of the Petrol model of the 488 varies between 3.68 and 4.40 crores.


  • GTB: 3902 cc, Automatic, Petrol.  Rs.3.90 Cr
  • GTB V8: 3902 cc, Manual, Petrol, 8.77 kmpl.  Rs.3.88 Cr
  • Spider: 3902 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 7.75 kmpl.  Rs.4.40 Cr

Colour Options:

Ferrari 488, this car you will get 28 different colors. They are Avorio Nero Pastello, Blu tour de France, Blu Pozzi, Grigio Ferro, Blu Mirabeau, Grigio Silverstone, Grigi alloy, Binaco avus, Grigio titano, Blu Abu Dhabi, Blu scozia, Grigio Ingrid, Argento Nurburgring, Canna Difucile, Rosso Fiorano Nero, Nero Daytona, Blu Swaters, Giallo Modena, Rosso Dino, Rosso Corsa, Rosso Mugello, Verde British, Azzurro California, Rosso Scuderia, and Grigio scuro. In this car, you will find so many color options that you will find your self-confused.


  • Tech-laden
  • Excellent execution
  • A strong engine.


  • Expensive
  • Ground clearance is low.
  • Steering wheel that is difficult to use.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Ferrari 488GTB is a stunning vehicle. Ferrari’s finest Excellent design, excellent performance, pleasant exhaust note, sporty aerodynamics, and a powerful engine The car has all of the basic characteristics of a modern supercar, such as style, power, and acceleration. Some automobiles are designed to look great but perform poorly. Everything about it is mind-blowing.
  • At a starting price, the Ferrari 488 GTB is an aggressive looking automobile from Ferrari.


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