Jaguar F-Type 2022 Reviews, Specs, Images, Price, Mileages, & Colours



Jaguar F-type is a powerful, agile, and utterly distinctive sports car. The love for sports cars will bring you to this F-type with its distinctive features.

The exterior is well designed with adjustable LED DRLs headlights with a tiny eye-catching feature of headlight washer attached and front and rear fog lights for a drive-through fog and dirt during day or night. The exterior rearview mirror is power-adjustable and electric folding.

The top of the car is removable/convertible. The outside rearview mirror is a mirror cum indicator. The tyre size is 295/30 R20, and they are not alloy wheels.

The seat and the steering wheel are covered in leather for the ultimate comfort. The dashboard displays a digital odometer, digital clock, outside temperature, tachometer.

The passengers can entertain themselves by radio, the remote-controlled audio system installed with front and rear eight speakers. There are USB and Auxiliary inputs present along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The informative touch screen is 8 inches in size.

Dimensions and capacity of Jaguar F-Type:

Jaguar F-type is 1307mm in height, 4470mm in length, 2042mm in width with a wheelbase of 2622mm. The car has a swift turning radius of 5.45 meters and a ground clearance of 100mm. Jaguar F-type’s Kerb weight is 1520-1763kg, whereas the gross weight is between

F-type’s interior dimensions include a front headroom of 36.8inches and front legroom of 42.8 inches. The front and rear tread measure 1596mm and 1467mm, respectively. This car is designed with a seating capacity of 2 with two doors. It has a boot capacity of 132-336 liters.

Engine and transmission of Jaguar F- Type:

The Jaguar F-type’s engine is a P575 turbocharged petrol engine with a displacement of 5000cc. The max power is 567.25bhp @6500rpm, and Max torque is 700nm @2500-5000rpm. The engine has eight cylinders, and each cylinder has 4 DOHC valves. The car is an auto transmission type with fuel directly injected into the

The engine is turbocharged and has a gearbox of 8 speeds. The car drives on AWD drive type.

Fuel and performance:

The Jaguar F-type comes with a petrol engine and has a mileage of 12.35kmpl as per ARAI. The fuel tank has a capacity of 70 liters. With BS-VI emission norm compliance, the car is designed to hit a top speed of 300km/hr.

Suspension, steering, and brake:

The rear and front both have air suspension. Both front and rear tires have Disc brakes. The car drives on a power steering which is secure on a tilt and telescopic steering column and has a turning radius of 5.45metres. Jaguar F-type’s steering gear is Rock and Pinion. The engine accelerates from 0-100 kmph in 3.7 seconds.


The F-type of Jaguar has an anti-lock brake system with brake assist. The car’s doors have a power lock, and the central locking system is available in the dashboard. The doors are also secured for the child with child safety locks. The anti-theft alarm is installed to prevent any intruders. The passenger’s safety is kept in mind with six airbags to prevent serious injuries during the sudden collision. 

The passengers and driver’s rearview mirror works well during both day and night. Along with the driver and the front passenger, there are seat belts for the rear passengers too. The dashboard has a seat belt warning light which sends an indication to the driver if the belts are not properly worn. 

The Door Ajar alarm sends an alarm to the car’s electronic control unit if the doors are not properly closed, and in some cars, the engine won’t start if the doors aren’t closed. The driver’s seat is adjustable. If an impact is detected, the doors unlock automatically. 

The car is secure with front and rear impact beams and traction control. Some other key safety measures include tyre pressure monitor, vehicle stability control system, engine immobilizer, crash sensor. 

The headlights pop up automatically when required. F-type has a rear camera which helps in parking and a 360 view camera. The car does have a hill descent and hill assist program installed.

Comfort and convenience:

Jaguar F-type does have a power steering and the front power-controlled window. The air conditioning is a surrounding system, and there is a heater option available for winter days. The comfort level is kept high with two zones, automatic climate control, and air quality control. The fuel lid is remote-controlled, which means you can open it either inside or outside the car. jaguar-f-type-2021

The low fuel indicator is present on the dashboard, allowing you to go out of fuel. There is a light in the trunk and a vanity mirror in front.

Cup holders are present in front to hold our favorite drinks and do not allow them to spill while the car is moving. 

F-type has both front and rear parking sensors and a well-designed navigation system. Cruise control is another level of comfort in Jaguar F-type. Features like keyless entry and smart access card entry are not to be ignored. There is a USB charger in front. F-type has a voice control facility that allows the owner to control his car.

Additional features include lane change indicator, all surface progress control, speed limiter, intelligent start/stop, and central console armrest.

Jaguar F-type Price:

The Jaguar F-TYPE is priced between Rs. 97.97 lakh to Rs. 2.61 crore. The Jaguar F-TYPE is available in nine variations, with the 2.0 l Coupe being the most affordable and the top-of-the-line Jaguar F-TYPE 5.0 l V8 Convertible AWD R costing Rs. 2.61 Cr.


2.0 l Coupe: 1997 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.97.97 Lakh
2.0 coupe R-Dynamic: 1997 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.98.12 Lakh
2.0 l coupe First Edition: 1997 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.1.03 Cr
2.0 l convertible R-Dynamic: 1997 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.1.09 Cr
5.0 l V8 Coupe R-Dynamic: 5000 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.1.35 Cr
5.0 l V8 Coupe First Edition: 5000 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.1.39 Cr
5.0 l V8 Convertible R-Dynamic: 5000 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.1.45 Cr
5.0 l V8 Coupe AWD R: 5000 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.2.45 Cr
5.0 l V8 Convertible AWD R: 5000 cc, Automatic, Petrol. Rs.2.61 Cr


Jaguar F-type is available in 11 different colors like Firenze Red, Gold, Brown, Yellow, Portofino Blue, Eiger Grey, Venetian Blue, Santorini Black, Fuji White, Orange Indus Silver.


  • Design is fantastic.
  • The V8 engine delivers blistering performance.
  • It’s sure-footed and a blast to drive.



  • Boots for little feet.
  • Competition is more agile.
  • Auto gearbox that is hesitant.


  • The car is within a reasonable budget and has a unique appearance. And it’s all handcrafted. With a 5000cc engine, the automobile has all of the characteristics I requested. The only issue is that there are only two seats available.
  • It’s the car of my dreams. The ultimate sports car with an awesome outside design and a terrific interior.



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