Jawa Forty Two- In 2022 Review, Price, Specs, Mileages, Images & Colors


Jawa FortyTwo Quick Reviews:

First of all, Jawa is a top-rated and reputed company and Jawa all bikes are very popular. Almost everyone wants to buy this bike and include this bike in their bike collection. If you buy this bike, then you are a very lucky person. Jawa company’s bikes are the dream of many people. Not just this bike, any Jawa bikes are the dream of many people. First of all, any Jawa bike is a premium bike. So 2021 Jawa Forty Two also a premium bike. This bike is very comfortable to ride. In this bike, you will get a twin exhaust, making the bike look more beautiful and attractive. This bike has a different fan base. People loved the Jawa Forty Two bike.

Many features are used in this bike for comfort and performance that you can’t imagine. First of all, Jawa is a very famous company for bikes. As beautiful as this bike looks, it has so many features that you will enjoy while driving it in extended touring and the city and the local area and highway. This bike is beautiful, so if you go out somewhere, everyone is more attracted to this bike and will force to look around. This bike is a cruiser bike.

First of all, the name ‘Jawa’ is enough to say something about any Jawa bikes because it is a premium company. This company always makes premium bikes. Jawa makes high-priced bikes. You will get halogen lights on this bike. You will get a bulb turn signal lamp. This bike was previously on the market at BS4, but now you get this bike in BS6 engine. You will not get split seats on this bike. This bike is very comfortable in terms of ride. You can also go on long tours on this bike.


In this bike, you will get an analogue plus digital meter console, in which you will find an odometer, speed meter, etc. Also more features like passengers footrest, par switch. In this bike, you will get dual-channel ABS, which is a very important feature now. You will have another fun ridding on this bike. This bike is a very good option in terms of price. If you have the budget, you can take this bike without hesitation because you will get twin exhaust in this budget. The twin exhaust makes the bike looks more beautiful. And as a result, you will feel like a king while riding this bike.jawa-forty-two-in-2021-review-price-specs-mileages-images-colours


This bike is a cruiser bike. The length of this bike is 2122 mm, the width of 789 mm, the height of 1165 mm. The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 14 liters. This bike has a wheelbase of 1369 mm. The saddle height of this bike is 765 mm. The kerb weight of this bike is 172 kg.jawa-forty-two-in-2021-review-price-specs-mileages-images-colours

Engine & Transmission:

This bike uses a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled DOHC engine with chain drive, which is 293 cc, which has a max power of 27.33 PS and max torque of 27.02 nm. This bike has a one-cylinder engine. This engine uses 6-speed manual transmission. On this bike, you will get self-start only.

Chassis & Suspension:

The chassis of this bike is a double cradle. This bike is a cruiser bike. There are used two types of suspensions. The front suspension is a telescopic hydraulic fork, and the rear suspension is a gas canister-twin shock hydraulic.

Tyres & Brakes:

In this bike, you will find spoke heels. The wheel size of this bike is front 457.2 mm and rear 431.8 mm. In this bike, you will find a tube tyre. The tyre size of this bike is front 90/90-18 and rear 120/80-17. This bike uses front and rear disc brakes. The diameter of the front brake is 280 mm, and the rear brake is 280 mm.jawa-forty-two-in-2021-review-price-specs-mileages-images-colours


Jawa 42 has a starting price of Rs. 1,69,415 and may go up to Rs. 1,83,942. Jawa 42 is available in three variants: 42 Single Disc BS6, 42 Double Disc BS6, and the top-of-the-line 42 2.1, which costs Rs. 1,83,942.


42 Single Disc BS6: 293 cc


42 Double Disc BS6: 293 cc


42 2.1: 293 cc


Colour Options:

2021 Jawa Forty Two, you will get in three different colours. They are Allstar black, Orion red, and Sirius white. You can choose any of them.


  • The use of alloy wheels provides additional convenience.
  • The degree of fitness and completion has vastly improved.
  • The motor has a much more tractable and useful feel about it.


  • Has a somewhat off-kilter riding position.
  • Gear changes are clumsy.
  • Modern features like as LED lighting and a smartphone connection module are missing.


  • It’s a FLYING MACHINE, it takes off like a rocket, ABS gives you the feeling of being in control, and the Royal Enfield 350/500 both pale in comparison to its power and torque in real life.
  • Not terrible, as usual, dominating comfortable, appearance excellent enough with mileage as compared to other bikes, pricing was expensive.
  • The seat is not suitable for lengthy journeys and the padding is inadequate. The front mudguard is quite narrow. When it rains, a lot of mud sticks to the rider’s legs. Back mudguard was similarly short, and mud got on the backseater throughout the race. Everything is fine. Engine performance is excellent.


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