Jeep 7 Seat SUV (Low-D)- Reviews, Price, Images & Specs In 2022

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This new model will be introduced in the middle of this year.  The new Jeep 7-Seat SUV( Low-D) comes with 7 seats; this SUV is longer, taller, and wider than the Compass. 

The code name ‘Low-D’ will give Jeep an entry to the ‘D’ segment of the car world. The car will have a longer wheelbase to add extra seats. It will make a significant seating change in the rear part of the car. The height of this SUV will be higher as compared to the ordinary Compass. 

The front design and engine features will be the same as Compass and may share the Compass’s interior panel. 

But the dashboard will have a new design and an extensive 12.3-inch touch screen infotainment system. It will connect the car with a smartphone and car tech.

The rear window will be more significant to give an airy feel. The SUV is expected to have a new headlight and bumpers.

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Engine and Transmission:

Jeep 7-seat SUV (Low-D) will have a 2.0L Multijet II diesel engine with a displacement of 1998cc. the engine will have four cylinders, and each cylinder will have four valves. The machine will have a 9-speed automatic transmission. Max Torque is expected to be 400nm, whereas Max power is to be 200bhp.


The car will run on diesel.


There is a good chance of the upcoming Jeep 7-seat SUV (Low-d) going on a sale at Rs’ ex-showroom price 19-26 lakh.

The company now publishes further details as the model is yet to run on the road.


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