Jeep Compass 2023- Reviews, Price, Images, Mileages, & Specifications



Jeep Compass is a car made for India’s rough and tough roads. The Jeep Compass is made in India, but it is an SUV made for India. If you are in love with SUV but running short on your budget, then this is the car for you. Present to yourself and your family the Indian SUV. Tough, capable, and built to last, the Compass feels like a good jeep. 

As this car doesn’t sit so high off the ground, it is easy to get in and out of the car. The car’s cabin is abundantly spacious to fit in five passengers. The cabins of top-spec variants, with their large touch screens and sunroofs, do feel more special.

There is front and rear fog light for a safe drive. The rear window has a wiper, washer, and defogger for the driver to have a good view from the rearview mirror. The front wiper has a rain sensor. 

It looks so beautiful at night when the outside rearview mirrors turn into the indicator, giving the car a classy look. The car has a roof rail to store extra luggage for a long tour.  

It is a car that you should try if you are fond of travelling long distances with your family.


Jeep compass is 4395mm in length, 1818mm in width, 1640mm in height with a wheelbase of 2636mm, and a 2016mm ground clearance. Compass has a seating capacity of 5 and 5 doors. The car rides on 225/55 R18


This car has a 2.0L multijet diesel engine with a displacement of 1956 cc. Compass’s Max Power is 167.67bhp @ 3750rpm and Max Torque of 350nm @ 1750-2500rpm. The engine has four cylinders, and each cylinder has four valves. It is an auto transmission engine with the nine-speed gearbox. Jeep Compass has a drive type of 4×4.


The engine runs on diesel with a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters. This car gives a mileage of 14-17 kmpl according to ARAI. The 0-62 mph dash takes 9.8 seconds, and Compass has a top speed limit of 126mph. The car runs on BS-VI emission norms as set by the Government.


Jeep Compass comes with an Anti-lock braking system that doesn’t allow the car to skid. The doors of which are secured with a central locking system and child safety lock. There is an anti-theft alarm installed in this car which alerts you of any unwanted visitors. 

The car is equipped with six airbags for the driver and fellow passenger’s safety during a sudden collision. The rearview mirrors on the side of the driver and front passenger have day and night views. Both front and rear seats are secured with seat belts, and the dashboard has a seat belt warning light for passenger’s safety. The driver’s seat is

Jeep compass is updated with a door Ajar alarm light on the dashboard, which indicates the drivers if the doors are not properly locked or are unsecure. The driver can also check the tyre pressure through the monitor before a long drive.

The engine immobilizer feature doesn’t allow the engine to start unless the correct button is pressed. The car is kept well secure with front and rear impact beams and traction control. 

The dashboard comes equipped with a crash sensor that stops the car if a collision is detected. You can check the engine through an engine check monitor before starting your journey. 

The headlamps are automated, which means it automatically turns on when required. There is a rear camera which helps in smooth parking. The speed monitor alarm doesn’t allow you to go off-limit.

This car comes with a hill descending alert and hill assisting you to have a lovely vacation in the mountains with your family. The tires are all seasoned, which means these are designed to run the road during any rough weather.


This brand takes special care of on-road and passenger safety, and it is designed with Mc Pherson Street front suspension with the lower control arm and Multi-Link rear suspension with strut assembly. The car has a power steering with tilt and telescopic steering column, whereas the steering gear is Rack and Pinion. The tires are kept safe with a Disc brake to avoid a sudden


Jeep Compass has an adjustable power steering with power front and rear windows, and it also has a surround air condition and heater for cold and summer days. There is 2zone automatic climate control. The trunk is remote-controlled and has a trunk light. The rear passengers are presented with rear reading light, rear headrest, rear-seat centre armrest, rear cup holder. The front headrests are adjustable along with adjustable seat belts and have a vanity mirror in front. 

There is a rear parking sensor that keeps in mind that the car doesn’t hit anything unwanted while parking. Smart access card entry and Keyless entry are some beautiful features. The rear seats are foldable to create extra boot space for more storage. 

The Jeep Compass dashboard is decorated with a 25.9cm digital instrument cluster; it can control AC from the touch screen. 


Jeep Compass has a starting price of Rs. 17.19 lakh and a top price of Rs. 28.49 lakh. The Jeep Compass is available in 14 versions, with the basic model being the 1.4 Sport and the highest variant being the Jeep Compass 2.0 S 4X4 Diesel AT, which costs Rs. 28.49 lakh.


1.4 Sport: 1368 cc, Manual, Petrol.  Rs.17.19 Lakh
2.0 Sport Diesel: 1956 cc, Manual, Diesel.  Rs.18.89 Lakh
1.4 Sport DCT:: 1368 cc, Automatic, Petrol.  Rs.19.69 Lakh
2.0 Longitude Opt Diesel: 1956 cc, Manual, Diesel.  Rs.20.69 Lakh
1.4 Longitude Opt DCT: 1368 cc, Automatic, Petrol.  Rs.21.49 Lakh
2.0 Limited Opt Diesel: 1956 cc, Manual, Diesel Rs.22.69 Lakh
2.0 Anniversary Edition: 1956 cc, Manual, Diesel.  Rs.23.16 Lakh
1.4 Limited Opt DCT: 1368 cc, Automatic, Petrol.  Rs.23.49 Lakh
1.4 Anniversary Edition DCT: 1368 cc, Automatic, Petrol.  Rs.23.96 Lakh
2.0 S Diesel: 1956 cc, Manual, Diesel.  Rs.24.69 Lakh
1.4 S DCT: 1368 cc, Automatic, Petrol.  Rs.25.49 Lakh
2.0 Limited 4X4 Opt Diesel AT: 1956 cc, Automatic, Diesel Rs.26.49 Lakh
2.0 Anniversary Edition 4X4 AT: 1956 cc, Automatic, Diesel.  Rs.26.96 Lakh
2.0 S 4X4 Diesel AT: 1956 cc, Automatic, Diesel.  Rs.28.49 Lakh


This car is available in 7 different and exciting colours. They are Galaxy Blue, Brilliant Black, Minimal Grey, Exotica Red, Bright White, Grigo Megnesio Grey, and Techno Metallic Green.


  • It appears to be more high-end.
  • Gets a brand-new, contemporary cabin.
  • Two 10-inch displays have been added to the infotainment system, which is a significant upgrade.
  • There are a lot of extra features to help with convenience.


  • Prices are anticipated to rise even more.
  • There have been no significant alterations to the exterior.



Customer Reviews:

  • To drive, this automobile is ideal. outstanding features and top-of-the-line versions just provide that comfort. The features are good, and despite being a diesel, it provides a comfortable drive with little noise in the interior and just presses the throttle. It will give you that burst of speed and will move you quickly, making it the ideal automobile for a family because it has the right amount of airbags.
  • The style of the entire automobile is fantastic, and it appears to be a little vehicle, but once inside, I feel really wealthy and spacious. Suitable for 4 adults.
  • Overall, it’s a good car; however, the leather seat is not correctly placed in the vehicle, making it a negative experience when purchasing a vehicle for such a large sum of money. The Jeep Compass is only given an average mileage of 8-9 kilometres per litre in the petrol model. When it comes to the car’s features, they may add more for this price, and then it becomes a good deal.


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