Kabira Mobility KM4000(2022)- Price, Reviews, Mileage, Images & Colours


Kabira Mobility KM4000 Quick Review

Mobility Kabira KM4000 this bike is an electric bike. But in between a sports bike and a naked bike. KM4000 falls in the sports category. The demand for electric bikes is increasing day by day in India because the price of petrol in India is increasing day by day. As a result, many middle-class people have a problem getting petrol on the bike. Because a lot of money has to be spent on petrol, that is why many people are moving behind an electric bike. Some electric bike companies are moving towards launching these electric bikes and scooters. You will also get more benefits by buying those bikes. Such as the bike, do not cause noise pollution and air pollution. As a result, our atmosphere is less damaged and protected, which is very good for our generations. Mobility KabiraKM4000

Almost everyone wants to buy these bikes and include these bikes in their bike collection. If you buy these bikes, then you are a fortunate person. These bikes have a different fan base. Many people loved these bikes. There are so many features are used in these bike for comfort and performance that you can’t imagine.

As beautiful as these bikes look, they have so many features that you will enjoy while driving in the city or local area. These bikes are very attractive, so if you go out somewhere, everyone is more attracted to these bikes and will be forced to look around.

Kabira KM 4000

KM4000 All Specifications:


This bike is an electric bike. This bike’s length is 2050 mm, the width of 740 mm, the height of 1280 mm. The saddle height of this bike is 800 mm. The ground clearance of this bike is 200 mm. This bike has a wheelbase of 1500 mm.


On this bike, you will get a digital meter console. In which you will find a speedometer, trip meter, clock, etc. More features like combi brake system, charging fast point charging, mobile application, etc. It takes 2 hours 50 minutes to charge from zero to eighty percent. The grade ability of this bike is 19◦.

Engine & Transmission:

This bike uses a 5000W BLDC motor. The continuous power of this bike is 8000W. The range of this bike is 150/charge. You get 150 km/charge in standard modes and 90km/charge in sports mode, and 150km/charge in ECO modes. It takes 2 hours 50 minutes to get an 80% charge and 6 hours 30 minutes to fully charge. On this bike, you will get a push-a-start button. This bike uses an automatic transmission.

Kabira KM 4000

Chassis & transmission:

This bike is an electric bike.

Tyres & Brakes:

In this bike, you will find alloy wheels. On this bike, you will find a tubeless tyre. This bike uses front and rear disc brakes.


The KM 4000 electric bike is available from Kabira Mobility for Rs 1,36,990.


STD (Rs. 1.36 Lakh)

5000 W150 km/charge


You will get this bike in only one colour, which is olive green.


This bike was quite good and looked like a sports bike when I was riding it, I felt like I was in a vehicle.


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