Mahindra Marazzo 2023 | Marazzo SUV Reviews, Price, Specs & Mileages


Mahindra Marazzo Reviews:

Mahindra is a very famous company, it is known for its comfort; moreover, many features have been used for safety in this car. Mahindra Marazzo is a MUV car that is very popular in India. This car is available in two models, one of the models has the option of 7-seats, and another model has 8-seat, which you can take any according to your choice. This car would be great for you if your family is enormous. That’s because the car can seat many people together, which is very good for you. The only diesel engine is available in this car, which is a 1497 cc diesel engine.mahindra-marazzo

Mahindra Marazzo launched to compete with cars like Suzuki Eartiga and Toyota Innova Christa. It looks like they are playing a price game. Mahindra Marazzo has cut some MUV cars like Suzuki Eartiga and Toyota Innova Chisista since its launch. So if you are thinking of taking MUV big car on a low budget, this car may be good for you. Let’s see what other features are in this car for which you will take this car.

Dimension and Capacity:

Mahindra Marazzo is a MUV car. This car’s length is 4585 mm, the width of 1866 mm, and the height of 1774 mm. this car has a wheelbase of 2760 mm. In this car, you will get a ground clearance of 200 mm. The number of doors in this car is five. The Kerb weight of this car is 1650 kg.mahindra-marazzo

Engine and Transmission:

This engine uses a D 15 1.5 liter diesel engine, an engine of 1497 cc, which has a max power of 121 BHP at 3500 RPM and max torque 300 nm at 1750-2500 RPM. This car has a 4-cylinder 4-valve per cylinder engine.

Suspension, Steering, and Brakes:

There are used two types of suspension, front suspension double wishbone and rear suspension twist beam, and also used electrical tilt steering. The turning radius of this car is 5.25 meters. There are use only disc brakes for better braking and safety.


Mahindra Marazzo is available in three different models, such as M2 & STR, M4+7STR, M6+7STR. You can choose any model.

Comfort and Convenience:

Many types of advanced features have been used in this car for a comfortable ride. They are power steering, power windows front and rear, air conditioner, automatic climate control, low fuel warning light, an accessory power outlet, vanity mirror, rear seat headrest and adjustable, cup holders-front, seat lumbar support, keyless entry, glove box cooling, voice control, gear shift indicator, etc. and many more features. This car gives many other safety and entertainment features, which is very important or effective for you.mahindra-marazzo


Mahindra Marazzo’s price starts from 11.64 lakh to 13.79 lakh (ex-showroom).

Color Option:

Mahindra Marazzo is available in six different colors, and they are iceberg white, oceanic black, Poseidon Purple, mariner maroon, shimmering silver, aquamarine. You can take the color of your choice.


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