Renault Kwid EV In 2022- Reviews, Price, Colors, Images, & Specs



Renault Kwid EV car has already been launched in China, and the company is working hard to bring the model to the Indian market as soon as possible. The only difference from China’s model is a 26kwh battery pack that will drive a near -45hp electric motor. The body of the car is a hatchback.

In the Indian version, the ground clearance is also to be altered. The Kwid EV is currently expected to have a useable range of over 200km. In the future, the company may launch another version with a slightly larger battery for more range. 

It will be based on the CMF-A platform. The car will include a feature like fast charging within an hour. The front and the rear bumpers may be redesigned, and a change in a new split headlight design and revised tail lamps.renault-kwid-ev-in-2021-reviews-price-images-specs-auto-roadman

The interior will have a new infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster, cruise control, a rear AC vent, and additional storage space.

Specifications of Renault Kwid EV:

  • Body type– Hatchback
  • Fuel Type– Electric ( battery)
  • Transmission type– Automatic
  • Max Torque– 125nm

Dimensions and capacity:

Renault Kwid EV has a length of 3735mm, a width of 1579mm, and a height of 1515mm. The ground clearance is 151mm, and the wheelbase is 2423mm. renault-kwid-ev-in-2021-reviews-price-images-specs

Engine and transmission:

The car runs on an auto transmission electric engine. The Max Torque is measured at 125nm. The car will come with a 26kwh battery pack that will have a 45bhp electric motor. The range of the car will be above 260km. 

Renault Kwid EV Fuel:

It runs on electricity. Other details are currently not updated by the brand.

Renault Kwid EV Price:

Kwid EV pricing are likely to start around Rs 7 lakh, making it one of the country’s most inexpensive electric vehicles.


Electric: Automatic, Electric

Rs.10.00 Lakh

Customer Reviews:

    • People would prefer the Tata Tigor EV, thus this tiny baby appears to be a bit expensive. Because there is more space in the interior, and it makes no sense to buy a tiny car at exorbitant costs when a little larger and better automobile is available. If the Kwid EV is priced between 8 and 8.7 lakhs, it will sell; else, it will not. Also, if the automobile is underpowered, no one will purchase it even if the EMI is free.
    • Car with a great design, size, and price. It appeals to me, and it is reasonably priced. Renault has created a cutting-edge vehicle design. This time, it will be an electric vehicle for the future generation. I’m looking for an automobile that doesn’t pollute the environment. It protects our lovely planet from contamination. For a flourishing planet and new generation automobile, only an electric vehicle is required today.
    • It’s a fantastic approach that’s very simple to charge. It’s good for the future. Every individual on this planet has a soul, and it is our responsibility to promote an environmentally friendly environment. We should attempt to maintain these efforts and give 100 percent to the world since these efforts will provide a nice and healthy environment for our children and grandchildren.


  • It appears to be superior to its competitors.
  • For Indian roads, the ride quality is perfect.
  • With all of the elements listed above, this part is jam-packed.


  • The engine isn’t the most refined in its class.
  • The AMT transmission shifts slowly.
  • The quality of the build and the material should have been higher.


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