TVS XL100 Comfort i-Touchstart 2023- Review, Price, Mileages, Images & Specs


TVS XL100 Comfort i-Touchstart Review:

First of all, TVs is a very famous and reputed Company. And the name of this bike of TVS is TVS XL100 Comfort I-Touchstart. You will find this bike in the BS6 engine. This is a moped bike. TVS is a very popular brand in India. You will usually see TVs bikes in India.


This bike provides the highest mileage. This bike is more famous for its mileage. From this bike, you will get mileage up to 80 KMPL with 1 litre of petrol. You can drive the bike up to 80 KMPL. This will save you less fuel. As a result, you will fill less oil on this bike. This will cost you less and will save money. The money you can spend on something else.

This bike also has an automatic transmission, which will give you a lot of benefits to riding this bike. For example, your family members besides you can ride this bike. The reason is a scooter-type bike. And like the scooter, the front part is empty. As a result, no woman in your household has any difficulty in ridding this bike. As a result, one of your bikes comes two types of work. And also the TVS service is available everywhere. So you don’t have to worry too much about service. It is not possible to say that the TVS service is very high. But as the cc of the engine increase, service cost will continue to increase.


But the service cost of this bike is very low because it is a one-cylinder engine and very low cc. Because the service cost depends on one-cylinder, four-cylinder, etc. TVS XL 100 is the moped bike. On this bike, you will find an analogue meter console. In which you will find the speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, etc. Despite being such a cheap bike, you will get charging points on this bike. You will also get drum brakes. The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 4 litre. This bike is very comfortable to ride. This bike is very popular. Let’s see what other features are in this bike for which you will take this bike.

Dimension & Capacity:

Since this bike is a moped bike, its length is 1895 mm, the width of 670 mm, and the height of 1077 mm. This bike has a wheelbase of 1228 mm. In this bike, you will get a ground clearance of 158 mm. The kerb weight of this bike is 89

Engine and Transmission:

This bike uses a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, which is 99.7 cc, which has a max power of 4.4 PS at 6000 RPM and max torque of 6.5 nm at 3500 RPM. This bike has a one-cylinder air-cooled engine. This engine uses an automatic transmission. In this bike, you will get kick and

Chassis & Suspension:

This bike is a moped bike. There are used two types of suspension. The front suspension is telescopic spring type hydraulic, and the rear suspension is a swing arm with hydraulic shocks.

Tyres & Brakes:

In this bike, you will find spoke wheels. The wheel size of this bike is front 406.4mm and rear 406.4 mm. In this bike, you will find a radial tyre. The tyre size of this bike is front 2.5-16 and rear 2.5-16. This bike uses drum brakes. The diameter of the front brake is 110mm, and the rear brake diameter is 110mm.

TVS XL 100 Price:

The price of this bike is not so high. Ata very low price, you get a very good bike. If you have any budget problems, you can take this bike. Hopefully, it will be good for you. The price of TVS XL 100 starts from44 294 and goes up to 49, 599 rupees.


XL100 Comfort BS6: 99 cc | 80 kmpl. Rs. 41,015
XL100 Heavy Duty BS6: 99 cc | 80 kmpl. Rs. 43,535
XL100 Heavy Duty I Touch Start BS6: 99 cc | 80 kmpl. Rs. 48,364
XL100 Heavy Duty I Touch Start Special Edition BS6: 99 cc | 80 kmpl. Rs. 49,224
XL100 Heavy Duty I Touch Start Win Edition: 99 cc | 80 kmpl. Rs. 50,126

Colour Options:


TVS XL 100, you will get in twelve different colours. They are delight blue, black, red, grey-black, green, black, red, gold, blue, brown, green, purple, black. You can choose any colour.


  • Motor that is cost-effective.
  • It’s simple to ride
  • Repairing is simple.
  • Exceptional load bearing capability.


  • Fuel tank with a small capacity.
  • Climbing inclines is difficult


Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent upkeep. Please do not charge for indication sound coils or other fittings. Please keep vehicle prices the same in all showrooms across the state.
  • It offers good characteristics such as self-start and a pleasant appearance. It’s a pleasure to ride, and it gets fantastic mileage.
  • The XL 100 TVs are quite great. It is quite beneficial to us, and the mileage is increasing steadily. It outperforms all other motorcycles in the same category.


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