Volvo S60 (2023) : S60 Reviews, Prices, Specifications, Models & Mileage


VOLVO S60 Quick Reviews:

Are you excited about the coming vacation? Want to take your family out on a road trip and surprise them as well with a new car? Just close your eyes and go for Volvo S60. Volvo cars are one of the safest cars in the world. 

This Swedish base has recently launched their new 3rd Generation T4 inscription Volvo S60 model. This is a luxury sedan with innovative safety features and has got a sporty look to it. This was earlier to be launched in mid-2019, but it took its time and came up with a distinct look and features in 2021.

Volvo S60 is the first model of Volvo to be launched in America. S60 also gets assembles in China and Malaysia. It has only one model, and that runs on petrol with a T4

By the look of S60 may remind you of S90, or you can say that S60 is a miniature version of S90, but this car replaced Volvo S70 Sedan. S60 is a combination of Scandinavian elegance and Swedish craftsmanship.

There are AC vents on the rear side door pillar. The car has an excellent mini SUV look and an extremely comfortable interior for the long journey. The car is equipped with 14 speakers of a 600 watt Harman Karden premium sound system along with an air-ventilated sub woofer. There is enough space on each door to hold small items. 

Dimensions and capacity:

Volvo S60 is 4761mm in length, 2040mm in width, 1431mm in height with a wheelbase of 2872mm. the car has a ground clearance of 142mm. S60 has a seating capacity of 5 with four

Engine and transmission:

Volvo S60 has a hydraulic start petrol engine. Its displacement is 1969cc with a Max Power of 190bhp and a Max Torque of 300nm. The engine has 4 cylinders, and each cylinder has four valves. This is a four-wheel-drive car with a spare tire. S60 can reach a speed of 0 to 100 km/hr in 7.1 seconds.

Fuel and performance:

This model is the only T4 inscription model which runs on petrol. The fuel tank capacity is 60 liters. 180km/hr is the top speed that this car can hit. According to Volvo, S60 has a mileage of 14 km on average, depending on how you drive and where you drive.


Volvo S60 is awarded 5/5 stars by Euro NCAP due to the safety measures adopted. Volvo is famous for its safety as it assures that nobody can get seriously injured or die while sitting inside the car. The car is equipped with city safety sensors that alarm the driver when the car comes close to any vehicle or pedestrian, or big animal. The auto break feature stops the car at a safe distance if it tends to collide. 

The safety measures also include adaptive cruise control, radar, and sonar-based emergency breaks. The intelligent lane-keeping assistance does not allow the car to go off the road. S60 has an oncoming mitigation vibration break that automatically stops the car if it finds another car approaching you at a dangerous distance or speed.

The autopilot assistant can run the car up to 130km/hr, keeps the car in lane and in a safe distance from other cars. Tools like navigation, camera, and radar help the autopilot to function smoothly.

On the top, the car also provides safety measures like six airbags, basic alarm, interior monitor sensor, inclination sensor, power child lock, front collision mitigation, reversing camera, tire pressure monitoring system.

Steering, breaks, and lights:

The three-spoke steering wheel houses the horn, the driver support system, and paddle shifter for manual gear changing in automatic gearbox and voice recognition.

The wheels are 18 inches in diameter multi-spoke black diamond-cut alloy wheels. Both the front and the rear wheels are safe with auto disk breaks.

S60’s fog light is a chrome finish LED light. The LED headlights are auto bendable, which means it turns to the direction when you turn the car. The outside mirrors are auto-diminishing and also act as an indicator. This car looks even more beautiful at night when the door handles light up as you go to open

Comfort and Convenience:

Volvo’s top priority is the safety and comfort of the passengers. The seats are covered with black perforated Nappa leather. The seat cover comes with two other colour options, white and brown. All the four headrests are fixed though other than the middle headrest in the rear, which is adjustable. The armrests beside the driver, and in the back is equipped with cup and glass holders, USB ports, and spaces to keep smaller items like purse and keys. 

All the windows are power controlled both in front and rear. The driver’s door has control of all four windows. The steering is adjustable. Remote trunk opener, low fuel warning light, parking sensor both in front and rear, smart access card entry, and keyless entry are some more striking features of S60. 

The dashboard has a 9-inch touch screen infotainment that supports USB and Bluetooth. Information like speed limit, auto voice command, sense navigator, radio, etc are a few those are displayed on the screen. There is a button for auto start and stop, and can use the same button to change the driver’s mode to autopilot.

Volvo S60 has a panoramic sunroof which keeps the car airy and full of natural light during the day and allows you to view the stars at night.

Volvo S60 Price:

The Volvo S60 T4 inscription (petrol base model) comes at an ex-showroom price of Rs 46 lakhs.


T4 Inscription: 1969 cc, Automatic, Petrol.  Rs.45.90 Lakh

Volvo S60 Colour:

S60 is available in 5 different colours, Crystal white pearls, maple brown, denim blue, fusion red, and onyx black.


  • Amazingly attractive styling! The Volvo S60 has a stunning design.
  • It’s quite pleasant to have a solid build quality.
  • This cabin has a great design and is jam-packed with amenities. Has plenty of space and a fantastic Harman Kardon sound system. Without a doubt, the greatest ICE in the segment.
  • Smooth and bouncy A decent 8-speed AT is connected to a 2.0L turbo-petrol engine.
  • Ride and handling have been sorted. The S60 has exceptional high-speed stability, as well as a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating and a plethora of technology such as adaptive cruise control, pilot assist, lane-keeping aid, collision avoidance support (front), and so on.
  • Engineering depth comparable to that of Germany’s greatest.


  • A front-wheel-drive vehicle in a segment where rear-wheel-drive vehicles are the norm
  • The figures for power and torque are lower than those of the competition.
  • The Volvo S60 does not have a diesel engine. Those who have a high level of running will look elsewhere.
  • The back seat is excessively low, the under-thigh support is inadequate, and the floor hump is too large.
  • The S60 lacks some features, such as paddle shifters, a 360-degree camera, and chilled seats, that the BMW 330i has.




Customer Reviews:

  • Although the price is exorbitant, the car’s amenities are excellent, and it is a sleek car that is both comfortable and attractive.
  • The best automobile of all time. Low-cost maintenance. Good in terms of mileage. The most effective colour combinations are offered.
  • Volvo have long been my ideal automobile, and driving one felt just like I imagined it would: smooth and comfortable.


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